2012 Tour -- Entry 41: Houston, Texas

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July 20, 2012 


I keep thinking that the Emeritus Communities could not possibly outdo themselves, but I was wrong. When Nellie pulled up to the Emeritus at Clearlake, in Houston, I was greeted by the Executive Director, Betty Martin. Then I was whisked off my bus to an awaiting, gorgeous, 1950s car with a driver standing by. I was then driven to the front entrance of the facility, where there were several other ‘50s cars. The theme for the day was the 1950s. What a hoot!

It was a hot Texas day, almost 100 degrees, and the staff was waiting at the entrance to greet me. We greeted each other and hugged, all the while dripping sweat, but no one seemed to care. As we went inside the facility, the decorations were all reflective of the ‘50s theme, including an inflatable jukebox with ‘50s music on the record labels. The staff had even made matching ‘50s poodle skirts by hand! The music was all from the ‘50s era, with songs that were familiar to the audience. 

I gave my lecture, followed by questions and answers from the audience, and then we promptly commenced with the National Talent Contest, emceed by Peggy Schrodi.

Throughout the day, food was available with the theme of “The Clear Lake Sock Hop Diner,” complete with burgers, dogs, fries, cherry cokes, and root beer floats. It was the first time I had a root beer float in years. After the contest, door prizes were given out to the lucky winners, and I was presented with a delightful gift. Overall it was a fun, memorable day.

Dr. Marion


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Emeritus is sponsoring a nationwide “Bring Your Talent” contest for all seniors to enter. People are requested to send in a two-minute show of their creativity, individuality, and uniqueness, as well as a brief bio. The first-prize winner will receive one free year of rent at the Emeritus facility of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each receive one free week of rent.

For more information regarding the Talent Contest, go to: http://freerentgiveaway.com/





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