2012 Tour -- Entry 42: San Antonio, Texas

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July 21 & 22, 2012 


I was thrilled when we reached San Antonio because I have family who live there, and this is the first time on this 12-week tour that I have been able to visit with friends or family. I was able to see my daughter, Randy; my granddaughters, Cortney and Jessica; Cortney’s husband Aaron; plus my three great granddaughters, Maya, Hannah, and Layla. The joy of having children and watching them grow is amazing.

On the 21st, I had a live radio interview on KSL Girl Talk Texas, hosted by Jackie Ross. We talked all about Texas and the Texas Long-Term Care Partnership, www.OwnYourFutureTexas.org. The Texas group was so incredibly active and involved. They are a group that truly makes things happen. Recently, we added the concept of COOL to the 3in4needmore.com website. This stands for Care Options OnLine. We are trying in every way possible to help people understand what long term care is all about.

That same day I was a guest on the Dr. Carol Show, in Austin, along with Jayne Sallerson from Emeritus. Jayne has been instrumental in getting all of the Emeritus Communities involved and so incredibly active and creative. We have found the Senior Talent Contest to be a rewarding experience for the contestants, their families, and the staff.

On the 22nd, I had a very early call to appear on KXAN News Today (NBC), in Austin. We discussed the 3in4 Association, the Emeritus contest, and the Texas Long-Term Care Partnership. Stefany Thomas and Haley Cihock, the producers, were interested in hearing more about our 12-week educational tour, and were impressed with our dedication to travel to 50 cities. We are thankful to have been supported by the media throughout the tour.

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For more on the 3in4 Association, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/

For assistance with long term care planning, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/calculators.php


Emeritus is sponsoring a nationwide “Bring Your Talent” contest for all seniors to enter. People are requested to send in a two-minute show of their creativity, individuality, and uniqueness, as well as a brief bio. The first-prize winner will receive one free year of rent at the Emeritus facility of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each receive one free week of rent.

For more information regarding the Talent Contest, go to: http://freerentgiveaway.com/




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