2012 Tour -- Entry 43: LTCi and HHS

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July 18 to 24, 2012


From July 18th to July 24th, there has been a partnership of Long Term Care insurance representatives, the 3in4 Association, and Health and Human Services (HHS). The HHS agencies fully understand how important it is to distribute long-term care information to the public.

During these dates we had five specific lectures at different locations, which were open to the public. The venues afforded opportunity for the public to gather all of the information they will need.

The locations and their sponsors were:

Agency Name: LTC Financial Partners and ACSIA, July 18
Location: NW Recreation Center
Austin, Texas 78757

Agency Name: ACSIA, July 19
Location: Central Library
San Antonio, Texas 78205

Agency Name: MasterCare and ACSIA, July 20
Location: Oak Forest Library
Houston, Texas 77018

Agency Name: LTC Financial Partners, July 21
Location: Churchill Parks and Recreation
Dallas, Texas 75230

Agency Name: ACSIA, July 23
Location: Ella Mae Shamblee Library
Fort Worth, Texas

This was a lot of work and coordination but well worth the effort.

Dr. Marion


For more on the 3in4 Association, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/

For assistance with long term care planning, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/calculators.php


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