2012 Tour -- Entry 44: Phoenix, Arizona

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July 25, 2012 


I stepped off my bus, Nellie, on a hot Arizona summer day at the Emeritus at Phoenix. Although the heat was in the high figures, the staff members that lined up to greet me were in great spirits. I wish everyone had the opportunity in his or her life to feel so welcomed. 

Many residents were lounging in white rocking chairs in the shade of the veranda, which boarded the entire entrance area. Also present was a delightful and well-mannered white speckled little dog. After the meet and greet we all went inside to the comfortable setting of the vestibule where the first sight is the Emeritus motto, “Our Family Is Committed To Yours”. This is a comforting thought and now that I have visited 25 of the Emeritus Communities, I know that everyone on staff is committed to making all residents, families, and guests feel welcome.

In the main dining lounge area there was a large white grand piano with a beautiful bouquet of red roses and white baby’s breath. Behind the platform, on the back wall, was a beautiful handpainted mural of a desert with red sandstone mountains, cacti, and local fauna of the Arizona area.

There was excitement in the air in anticipation of the many talented residents who were about to show off their specialties. A local newspaper reporter even came to hear my talk and see the Emeritus Senior Talent Contest for himself. The Talent Contest was spectacular with jokes, stories, and musical numbers that covered the range from classical, to folk, to jazz. One woman made jewelry out of cut, dried, and painted potatoes, while another made miniature shadow boxes and dollhouses. Yet another displayed and discussed her drawings and paintings. Later, two residents jitterbugged in full swing, and a trio sang Spanish songs and encouraged the audience to sing along.

Family and friends were beaming with delight as their loved one performed. This was my last stop at an Emeritus Community, but my head and heart are now full of treasured memories. 

Dr. Marion


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Emeritus is sponsoring a nationwide “Bring Your Talent” contest for all seniors to enter. People are requested to send in a two-minute show of their creativity, individuality, and uniqueness, as well as a brief bio. The first-prize winner will receive one free year of rent at the Emeritus facility of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each receive one free week of rent. 

For more information regarding the Talent Contest, go to: http://freerentgiveaway.com/





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