2012 Tour -- Entry 45: Las Vegas, Nevada

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July 27, 2012 


This was a noteworthy day because it was the last official stop of our 12-week 3in4 Need More Bus Tour.

The Morning Blend TV show, broadcast live from Las Vegas, was hosted by Shawn Tempesta, who interviewed me along with Jayne Sallerson, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Emeritus Senior Living. 

Shawn was very thorough in his questioning, and we discussed our tour that visited 50 cities cross-country to educate America that more than 70% of Americans 65+ will need Long Term Care but don’t know the costs. Some do not understand that Medicare and insurance will not cover these costs. I ask people to think in terms of SOS:

  • What is the Situation you are now experiencing?
  • What are the Options available and the costs?
  • Look for Solutions by researching alternative solutions to supplement cost.

Shawn also showed photos for the TV audience of the bus, the 3in4needmore booklet (that can be ordered free online), and some contestants from the delightful Emeritus Talent Contest.

This brought us directly to Jayne and why she joined up with us. She stated that Emeritus has over 500 Senior Communities around the country and that throughout the tour I made personal appearances at 26 of them. The senior talent in each community was so wonderful to watch. Family members were bursting with pride while my camera crew filmed each and every contestant. These videos were then submitted to Emeritus.

Jayne went on to explain that the Emeritus Senior Community joined up with the tour because we are all educating and supporting the senior population. We both believe that long-term health care issues are going to be affecting many families and that we all need to prepare. One reason to initiate and get involved with the Talent Contest was that it was a fun way to bring positive attention to our talented and dynamic senior population. The Emeritus Talent Contest first-prize winner will receive one year of free rent at an Emeritus of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each have one free week at an Emeritus facility.

Dr. Marion


For more on the 3in4 Association, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/

For assistance with long term care planning, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/calculators.php


Emeritus is sponsoring a nationwide “Bring Your Talent” contest for all seniors to enter. People are requested to send in a two-minute show of their creativity, individuality, and uniqueness, as well as a brief bio. The first-prize winner will receive one free year of rent at the Emeritus facility of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each receive one free week of rent.

For more information regarding the Talent Contest, go to: http://freerentgiveaway.com/




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