2012 Tour -- Entry 46: Tour Wrap-Up

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August 8, 2012 


I am overwhelmed with gratitude at all that has been accomplished on this year’s tour. This particular blog is a way to acknowledge everyone for his or her help, assistance, guidance, input, and support—physically, emotionally, and financially.

Behind the scenes, many months before we fill up the bus with cameras, video gear, food, and diesel, the planning is underway. There are many people involved in this venture, long before the four of us step on board. We have people to contact, venues to establish and confirm, and media to be notified. It is a beehive of activity, organization, and details. We were always checking our huge United States map on the wall to make sure all decisions made sense, while never losing sight of our goal: to bring long term care education to as large an audience as possible.

The media coverage was spectacular: 

  • 4 press releases distributed reaching an audience of over 267.5 million
  • 62 online media placements reaching an audience of over 10 million
  • 51 broadcast media placements reaching an audience of over 30 million
  • 27 print media placements reaching an audience of over 1.8 million

At almost every radio, TV, or web interview, the interviewers or camera crew had a long term care issue that they were personally dealing with. After each session I spent time with them and addressed their questions, and they were pleased with the material and information they now had at their disposal.

I was profoundly moved by the positive responses that we received throughout our 12 weeks on the road. Everyone that I met physically and emotionally embraced me. The residents, families, and staff that I encountered at all the Emeritus Senior Living Communities were outstanding. They poured out their hearts to make each and every Senior Talent Contest memorable. Each Emeritus Community strived to do their best in terms of decorations, food, and other preparations to make sure that their talented seniors were ready for their special moment onstage.

There were other stops along the way to Long Term Care insurance companies and other businesses concerned with the senior population. Whether I spoke to individuals or groups, I found that people wanted further education to help meet the needs of those they serve. I am profoundly grateful that this 3in4needmore 2012 National Tour was successful.

Dr. Marion


For more on the 3in4 Association, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/

For assistance with long term care planning, visit http://www.3in4needmore.com/calculators.php


Emeritus is sponsoring a nationwide “Bring Your Talent” contest for all seniors to enter. People are requested to send in a two-minute show of their creativity, individuality, and uniqueness, as well as a brief bio. The first-prize winner will receive one free year of rent at the Emeritus facility of their choice. There will also be 11 second-prize winners, who will each receive one free week of rent.

For more information regarding the Talent Contest, go to: http://freerentgiveaway.com/


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