Finding A Living Arrangement for my Parents

Biggest Challenge:

Finding a living arrangement for my parents: one who is independent and the other in a wheelchair due to a stroke.


Response from DM: There are several levels of care that sometimes can be provided for in one campus. It is called continuity of care. There may be retirement housing and within a short distance an affiliated assisted living complex and/or a nursing facility. Sometimes a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) may be able to accommodate a couple that has different levels of physical and emotional needs. Then there is the option of hiring a trained aide for 24/7 assistance that will either come to the home or live at the home. This latter part always takes a great deal of coordination and organization. To find the right facility or the right aide will take time. You want to make the best choice the first time because making a move from familiar surroundings is not only time consuming, but very emotional as well. Try to go with your parents to visit any facility that you think will fit their needs. All brochures are beautiful but actually seeing the facility and talking to some of the staff and the people who live there will give you a truer understanding of the facility’s merits. Thank you for your concern for your parents.


Dr. Marion

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