General Housekeeping and Meals

Biggest Challenge: General housekeeping and meals


Response from DM:

Dear Donald,

Housekeeping and meals are ongoing events for all of us. For both, the major challenge is to stay organized and break the projects into manageable segments. Meals run smoother when we create shopping lists, plan meal preparation for the week, check for coupons and sales, and have both groceries and other household supplies on hand. This is always preferable to having to run out at the last minute for something needed.

Housekeeping is much easier if one cleans up after each meal, makes beds every day, and changes linens as needed. It is a good idea to keep ahead of laundry so clean clothing is always available. Knowing your energy level and other time commitments is also important. Do what you can with the time and energy you have available. And if necessary, get help from family and friends, or hire someone to help out. Sometimes your time is more valuable than the money spent to have some hired assistance. Keeping one’s life organized is not easy, especially when you have other commitments and responsibilities. Life is a juggling act, but with practice and patience all can be accomplished.


Dr. Marion

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