Understanding The Risk

Biggest Challenge: Getting people to understand the risk


Response from DM:

Dear Sandra,

Getting people to understand the risk of anything takes time, energy, and a lot of patience, no matter what the particular issue is. First, we have to thoroughly understand the issue in all of its complexity. We also have to understand the issue (or issues) from the perspective of the elder. His or her perspective may be very different for a number of reasons. Once we have clarity of the issue, then and only then can we discuss the subject with the senior.

Go over each aspect of the issue, one at a time, explain what you need to clarify, wait to make sure the senior understands the first portion, then go onto the next aspect. We cannot bombard anyone, especially an older person, who is usually dealing with many complexities of his or her own. The name of the game is to be patient if you really want someone to understand an issue and its risks. Thank you for trying to protect your elder.


Dr. Marion

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