DR. Marion's Caregiver Training Method

The Dr. Marion Method is a 10-step plan to help you handle your caregiver challenge, without feeling too overwhelmed. Dr. Marion has taken her years of expertise and knowledge, and passed it on as practical advice in a way that all caregivers can understand. She knows that caregivers feel scared, angry, guilty, frustrated, overworked, and underappreciated, but she is here to hold their hand through these demanding times. Starting with “Communication,” and ending with “Learning to Let Go,” Dr. Marion walks you through 10 steps to help you care for an aging loved one. After learning about all of the steps, you’ll be prepared to approach caregiving in an organized way.

The first step, Communication, is essential to learn how to interact with your elder. This is often one of the biggest challenges, and can create a solid foundation for your relationship moving forward. The next step, Safety First, talks about how to keep your elder safe, including changes to make inside the home, how to maintain safety outside the home, and how to prevent falls in general. In the next two steps you will learn how to manage both financial and legal issues, which can save you a lot of headaches later on. Dr. Marion will also give you insight into her 3 Pillars of Financial Planning: Long Term Care Insurance, Reverse Mortgages, and Life Insurance & Annuities. The next step, Senior Lifestyle, will show you how to improve your elder’s lifestyle, keeping him or her entertained and healthy.

In the following step, Adaptive Equipment, Dr. Marion will demonstrate some ways in which adaptive equipment can help to make your elder’s life a little easier, including some specific product recommendations. If your elder has mobility issues, whether needing the use of a wheelchair, walker, or cane, Dr. Marion will discuss how to help him or her maintain independence in the next step, Mobility. If you are concerned about your elder’s housing situation, Senior Housing explains the different housing options, and how to determine which is the right one. Also, if you need to hire help to care for your elder, Dr. Marion gives you some useful guidelines to follow in the next step, Hiring Help. Finally, in the 10th and final step, Dr. Marion helps you to learn how to let go, once your caregiving journey has ended.

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