Easy-to-Use Cell Phones for Seniors

Hi Doctor Marion,

My 76 year-old mother is sight-impaired and also suffers from arthritis, but I want her to have a cell phone on her at all times in case something goes wrong or she needs help. Can you recommend one that she can see and use?
Cynthia in Colorado, 48

I’m a big fan of the Jitterbug (www.Jitterbug.com) phone and I think the Jitterbug OneTouch is perfect for your mom. Three oversize buttons enable quick access to the Jitterbug Operator, 911, and a middle button that you can customize to whatever number she calls most often. The phone holds up to 50 names and numbers so she can also dial directly to anyone in her phone list if she does not want to go through the operator. And it’s also very affordable since their plans start at just $10 per month.
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