Getting A Guilt Trip

My mom lives alone (25 minutes away). I used to call her everyday, but lately she has been giving me the "guilt trip" about my lack of visiting (Im going thru a divorce and am frazzled), so I don't call each day now becuase I dont want to get upset with her. I have told her how I feel; no difference. She's a wonderful lady, its just that I am going thru some stuff now and cant take her pressure. But I feel guilty. Can you help?

Samantha in Wisconsin, 54

It’s wise to be honest with yourself and your mother about how much you can handle as a caregiver. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you have the energy and the time to care for your mom. I'm sure you know this already this, but going through a divorce is incredibly stressful. You may want to purchase and install an electronic monitoring device so she knows she is being looked after when you cannot be there in person.  Also try to get some of her friends and other family members involved so she has other social contact.

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