How To Support My Aging Parents

My mom is status post CHF in December, a stroke last August, and a heart attack in 1999.  I live nearby and want to help, but my Dad doesn't like to ask or accept some time off when I'm able to offer it.  What else can I do to be supportive of my aging parents?

Childey in Illinois, 49

Sometimes it’s easier to speak to our parents when you explain how their situation is affecting you. Open up from your perspective. Very often, the elders are so involved in their own problems, concerns, and health changes that they don't know what to address first, and outside help can add to their confusion or stress level. Go slowly and show your concern. Take on small tasks and get your parents accustomed to "outside help."  It is hard for people who have always run their own lives and been independent to ask for help, even when they know they need it.

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