My Widowed Mom Met Someone

Doctor Marion,

I am now looking after my 72 year old mother. She is in terrific health. My dad died just over a year ago. He had cancer and we were able to look after him until he passed away at home. It has been very hard. My mother has now expressed interest in dating. She already has met a man and she is acting really giddy about it. I want to be happy for her but I'm not dealing well with this. I haven't said anything to her about my feelings but now she wants to start bringing her friend to family outings. What do I do?

Ginny in Minnesota, 45

Your mother may be 72, but if she has genuine feelings for a new man in her life, then these feelings need to be accepted. Your mother took care of your father.  She has grieved, and now she is ready to move on.  I understand how this can be a challenge for you, but you have to be happy for her. Life is for the living.

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