Financial Planning for Seniors

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Dr. Marion's 3 Pillars of Financial Planning

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance informationIf you have become a caregiver for a loved one, then you know the burden and stress a long-term care situation can bring. 40% of people receiving long-term care are working-age adults between the ages of 18-64. About 70% of Americans over the age of 65 years will need long-term care services during their lifetime. Based on these numbers anyone of any age or health status should apply for private long-term care insurance. Not having a plan, is a plan to fail. Consult with a Dr. Marion approved LTC specialist. Receive local referrals using the form to the right. >>

Reverse Mortgages

reverse mortgage informationElder care can be expensive and many still need to support their lifestyle, while receiving quality in home care. A reverse mortgage may be the answer! It allows you to continue living in your home, while drawing equity to use for any of your needs. Plus, you continue to own your home and you never have to pay a mortgage payment again! It's your money, so use it to support your retirement and fund your care needs. Receive referrals for local reverse mortgage advisors using the form to the right. >>

Life Insurance & Annuities

life insurance informationFor many investors, the shaky stock market performance over the last few years has taken a toll on the worth of their portfolios. If you’re considering starting an investment portfolio for retirement, chances are you’re likely confused about what options offer the highest returns for the least amount of risk. Dr. Marion recommends a combination of annuity investments and life insurance to cover both your long-term income and your future earnings in the event of something happening to you.


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