Handling Mom's Expenses

My mom is almost now a house bound person.  I have had to take on all her bills, shopping, doctor appointments.  So often, she cannot remember why I spent money from her accounts.  I keep a detailed spread sheet but do you have any other suggestions on how to handle her expenses?  I have access to both her savings and her checking and take money out of which ever is appropriate but she seems to have trouble remembering what she told me to do.  It is very frustrating.

Mary in Hawaii, 57

When your mother asks you to help her with her spending, have her write out these requests in a specific notebook. It may be time consuming, but your mother will be able to see in the notebook exactly what she requested of you, including the time, the item, and the amount. She may not be able to remember these details any longer, and this can be a very frightening process for her.  To keep her account accurate and up to date, I suggest you keep using a spread sheet such as excel.

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