My Father's Lending Habits

My father is 80 and while he wants his independents and we want hi to have it, this is causing a problem. He lives on a fix income but every month he gets his check he loans most of it to friends. The problem is no one pays him back. My sister and i have to send him money to live on for the last two weeks of the month. Would it be wise to take him to court to take control of his money that way it will last a month and not 1-2 weeks. We don't mind giving him money for his needs just don't want to be giving people he knows money.  Thank you for your time and help.

Jamie in Washington, 54

Your father may be giving his money to his friends, but have you ever asked him why? Is it to gain or continue friendships? Is he lonely and this way he knows his friends will come around at least once a month?  Is someone threatening or bullying him?  Has he totally lost the understanding of what money is for? Does he know what his expenses are? Try to get to the heart of the matter. Speak to an elder care lawyer if you are going to take him to court either for alleged incompetence, or to draw up papers with the lawyer and your father so that you have control over his finances.  This might be the best solution so that he doesn't put himself (and you) in continued financial jeopardy.

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lending habits

Credit card corporations are designed to be taking less advantage of their customers with help from the newly developed financial reform bill. Unfortunately, customers are nevertheless being taken advantage of. Basically all that has changed is where credit card companies charge their customers and the way much. This is very hard for many people who are resorting to payday cash advances just to pay their credit card bills and finding it harder to get credit. The financial reform was meant to help individuals and instead it is putting them in a much worse predicament.

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