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Caregiving is a tough and stressful job. If you are the family member in charge of caring for an elderly parent or loved one, then you might need to consider additional assistance depending on your situation. If at all possible, you should hire help when and where appropriate to take some of the caregiving load off of your shoulders. You will eventually need a break, and this step shows you how to hire the right aide for your elder and for you.

It’s often quite difficult, if not impossible, for your elder to find a trustworthy, affordable housekeeper, handy person, or aide. Seniors often don’t know where to find the contacts or what the going rate is for services that are needed. Make your elder’s life easier and safer by taking on this responsibility. Do research, ask your friends and your elder’s friends for references, interview candidates, and then hire someone.

Hiring help or assistance can be time-consuming, but it’s well worth the effort, and if you’re persistent, you’ll eventually find the right person. After you believe you have found a suitable aide, make sure to have your elder speak with the person to make sure he or she feels comfortable. It’s your elder’s home and space, and it is important to involve him or her in the hiring process.

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