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My husband is only 59 yrs old and has been diagnosed with alz. We have been married 38 yrs. I'm so scared I never thought something like this would happen, you think you will grow old together, not that he will eventually forget who I am! I can't find any help anywhere. We live in Muncie, IN. Can you please help me?

Brinda in Indiana, 59

Dear Brinda,

When we get married we believe that all will be well until the end of our days together, but life has a way of giving us detours and forcing us to change direction.  We often then appreciate each moment as really precious.  When dealing with Alzheimer's Disease or any dementia, it is important to reach out to others who understand the dynamics of this condition.

The Alzheimer's Association is a good place to start and see if they have information for you.  Check the ADEAR website as well ( to see if there is a support group in your community. Let family and friends know what you are dealing with and reach out for support for yourself as well as your husband. You are both young and may have many good years ahead.   Enjoy them.

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