How Can I Get Organized?

What is the best way for me to get organized and be more efficient in caring for my mother who lives 1,200 miles from me?

Sandy in North Dakota, 58

The best way to be organized is to make sure you have all of your mother’s information in one place. Over the years I have developed a series of time-saving forms, so please visit this link to download what is right for you ( It’s also important that you understand her diagnosis, have a full description of every medication she takes (along with the dosages), know what over-the-counter drugs and vitamins she takes, who prescribed what to her, and why it was prescribed in the first place.

If traveling back and forth frequently to see your mother isn’t possible, then hiring a professional geriatric care manager could be a great help. To find one in your mother’s local area, you can contact The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (

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