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Where your elder lives can have a big impact on their lifestyle, health, and demeanor, so carefully consider all of your options when choosing living arrangements. This step goes into further detail on each of the six basic choices for your elder:

  1. Live alone in the current home.
  2. Live in the home with an aide, hired help, and/or adaptive equipment.
  3. Move in with you or another friend or relative.
  4. Move to an assisted living facility.
  5. Move to a nursing facility.
  6. Move to hospice care or have in-home hospice care.

If you are considering moving an elder from his or her home, first talk to the elder and get the real story about what’s going on. You have to get the following facts: How is the senior’s health? Is he or she safe? Are basic needs being met in regard to care, nutrition, and medications? Ask your elder’s opinion of the options and the living situation. Most of all, what effect does the current housing situation have on his or her health and happiness?

If you decide to move your elder, you must consider his or her needs and focus on the right option. Most elderly want to remain in their familiar environment until they absolutely have to leave, so it’s usually easier on both of you if you fix and improve the current environment. This can include bringing in hired help or adaptive equipment.

However, there are many senior housing options available for the elderly who are ready to make the transition out of their home. Remember that if your loved one is moved, there is often a transfer trauma. Everything familiar changes and it will take time for your elder to adjust.

Moving a senior brings on its own challenges, however a caregiver can get by with a little extra help and a family can cover the costs with some savvy senior financial benefits. Dr. Marion has compiled a list of the best tips when choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility for a loved elder, along with how to manage the transition financially.

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