Grandma Wants to Come Home With Us

My grandmother is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s in the locked unit. Lately when we visit she thinks we are taking her "home" and tries to go with us and we have to get a nurse to take her to her room and we don't say good bye to her. This is hard on us is there another way so it will not be so hard the next visit?

Helen in Montana, 28

We all want to go home - it is our place of comfort.  I imagine that being in a nursing facility and in the locked down section of an Alzheimer's unit is a very difficult situation for your grandmother as well as your family. I’ve found that walking with someone with dementia helps to calm them down.  It also gives them the physical exercise they need. I like to have something familiar from an elder’s former life to provide a calming effect, such as a picture of herself or a family event or a stuffed animal. This is something to hold onto so she can comfort herself when your family isn’t there.

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