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Hi yes, I have been taking care of my 54 yr old mom who has multiple sclerosis for over 6 years now. She is bed bound and can’t take care of herself. I feel that it is time for a nursing home but she won’t go. I can’t hire people to come help because it would cost as much as a nursing home. Also in the past when I do hire someone to help, my mom always still expects me to be there and do everything. I have power of attorney but how do I get her to agree with going to a nursing home? I am so lost. Please help.

Allison in Washington, 29

As a caregiver, you can become overwhelmed by the work and the seemingly unending demands. It usually helps if you search for local support systems in your area so that you can find out what other caregivers are going through. You may also come across a caregiver there who can give you some tips. You can also try to find a social worker who is familiar with your local social system to see if your mother is eligible for some state or federal program that would help out financially. But always be sure to take care of your person life or else resentment will build up. This is understandable, but unproductive.

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