How to Get Mom to Move

My mom was just admitted to the hospital.  They are suggesting a home. I had informed them I would be willing to keep her ant home with a nurse. My mom is refusing any of this.  She has reached a point where she cannot take care of herself.  Is there anything we can do legally? This is a last step but what else can we do?

Ester in New York, 57

When someone is ill, no matter what the problem is, they are focused on themselves and getting better. They don't always see or understand all of the ramifications of their decisions. If your mother is making choices that may truly not be in her best interest, it’s best to go over each decision and the practical options that are available. This is a time consuming process, but with patience and a calm demeanor, common sense usually prevails. If your mother is not mentally competent to make her own decisions, guardianship may be an option. I suggest you consult an eldercare attorney so that all matters are handled legally and in your mother’s best interests.

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