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Dear Doctor Marion,

Our elderly parent lives in another state far away. We know we need to locate a local attorney for her, to help now and later for probate, but how do we find one that is reputable and affordable? We don't want to wait for a crisis, and have no one locally to ask for recommendations. Where do we start? What do we ask?

Karen in Missouri, 51

Dear Karen,

Caring for a family member who lives at a distance or out of state is a complication. To find an attorney, especially for a senior citizen, call or email the National Association of Elder Care Attorneys to find someone in your parents’ vicinity or zip code. You may want to call several and ask the same question to find someone you think is appropriate.  Don’t hesitate to ask about their rates for their services. You may also want to contact the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers if there are additional services that you will need help with (520.881.8008).

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