Problems with a Gold Digger

I can't find any info or experiences about adult children dealing with an elderly Dad becoming a SugarDaddy.  This oddly happened in our family. While most posts here are about immediate health issues, this problem in our family has many levels. Health is one - he's trying to impress this 50 yr old ...he's like the Nanny to her family. I do think he will have a stroke.  It's a very intense situation, so I will leave it now. Just wanting your opinion on  SugarDaddy/Gold-Digger.  (BTW, my Mom passed after 50 yrs w/Dad)  And of course there is much more to this story I'm going thru.  Yeh, it's not good for our family. Just very sad.

Hildy in Oklahoma, 52

Your dad lost his wife after 50 years of togetherness, companionship, and someone to talk to. If your dad is now a "sugar daddy" to another person and her family, he may simply be searching for the love and companionship he once had with your mother. But you and your father may need to be very careful that this woman and her family are not taking advantage of his vulnerability and his loneliness. It’s important that you speak directly to him about your concerns for his welfare and his finances.

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