Letting Go

Letting go as a long-term caregiver can be one of the hardest things you do in your position. Preparations for the end of your loved one’s life should begin today. The goal should be to have your elder loved one pass on from this world with the utmost dignity, comfort, and respect. In this step you will learn about the dying process and gain some practical skills for dealing with death and bereavement.

More and more individuals are looking to control the manner in which they die. The process can be more relaxed if all preplanning that can be done is done. Make sure you clearly understand what your elder wants, and then get it down on paper so that there isn’t any confusion among family members and other loved ones. Not making this extra effort can destroy family dynamics at an extremely emotional, challenging time.

When your elder has passed on, dealing with the heartache may require family grief counseling. The loss of a parent, and especially the loss of a mother, can be extremely hard on the entire family and may take years to overcome. Remember that no amount of preplanning can eliminate grief, and it shouldn’t. Even if you think you’re prepared for a loved one’s death, the pain is still immense. Grief is an important part of death, and you have to allow yourself to feel it.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Allow yourself to grieve, and then do something that makes you feel good, whatever that is. You’re in charge of allowing yourself to heal. You may heal slowly or quickly, but healing will come.


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