Working Caregivers Need Support Groups

I’m what you would call a working caregiver and I can barely make it through every day right now.  Anything you can suggest to help is much appreciated Doctor Marion.

Charla in Tennesee, 43

There is one absolute for working caregivers everywhere: get support.  I’m talking about tapping into an organized support group that meets to discuss your elder loved one’s specific ailment or condition.  You’d be surprised at how much you can learn from others who are going through a similar situation.  The best place to find where local groups meet is usually the national website that applies to your situation.  Just venting can help you feel better.  And who knows, you might even find a good local handymen to hire, or a new aide who can help with your caregiving duties.

As a working caregiver, you know how hard it can be to manage your job and own family obligations while meeting the needs of your elder loved one.   So don’t hesitate to get outside help.  Enlist your elder’s friends, neighbors, and even old classmates to help with tasks like the cooking, the laundry, driving to doctor’s appointments, and the shopping.  As long as you tell them specifically what is needed and what the time commitment is, most people will help out.  If this doesn’t work and there are funds available, consider hiring an aide so you can still take care of yourself.

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