Driving: A Matter of Life and Death

I've tried everything and my father refuses to stop driving. He has lost most of his vision to macular degeneration. What else can I do to convince him?

Matt in Manitoba

Hello Matt,

Your father is probably thinking about how he's used to functioning and how not having a car is going to negatively affect his independence and social life. I suggest trying to turn his thought process around. Talk to him about what he could lose if a terrible accident were to occur. He needs to understand that the potential for harming himself and others is very real. Explain the liability issues to him.

If all else fails and he is really a danger on the road, then the keys must be taken away. You can then sell his car and use the money to help meet your father’s transportation needs so he can still get around. The DMV also needs to be notified, as well as his insurance company. Finally, the car license plates need to then be turned in.

It's important to help your father come up with other transportation alternatives like car pooling and public transportation. You can also try to involve family and friends. Many towns even have elderly transportation options that can be investigated.

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