Eye Closure of Elderly Mom

Dear Doctor Marion, My mother is 84 yrs old and in pretty good shape for her age, but this last year, she has started keeping her eyes closed most of the time even while eating! I have asked her why and she tells me she dosen't know. We have taken her to her eye doctor, her psychiatrist and her regular Doctor to see if it could be a reaction to her medications, or some other cause, but none of these doctors has an answer.


When someone exhibits any unusual or new behavior, as in this case of your mother keeping her eyes closed, it's important to keep a record of the behavior, what time the behavior is being demonstrated, and where the behavior is being exhibited (in the house, outside, a special room). Ask your mother - has any new lighting or higher wattages been added, have new shades been installed or new outside lighting. Take this information with you when you visit her doctor.

I would also check with the pharmacist regarding all of her medications, including over-the-counter and vitamins, just to make sure nothing is contraindicated. In all cases of unusual behavior, one must be like a detective and bring any and all new information or insight to your mother's doctors. It can really help solve problems for both your mother and you.

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