Time for a Senior Cruise

My mother, who's in her 70s, is very excited about our upcoming Caribbean cruise. Her first vacation in 30-some years! I've created and shared an itinerary for her, so she can start planning. I'd like your help in making it a memorable, safe trip. She is mobile and still quite alert, just a little slow and sometimes forgetful. If you have any tips on packing medicines, avoiding thieves, navigating the airport, etc., I'd be grateful.

Joyce in Wisconsin

Dear Joyce,

It’s important to think about all of the details so that your vacation goes as well as it can go. Pack all medications that will be needed, and then add several days worth in case of loss or if the trip is delayed. Also pack written prescriptions in case you have to fill one for some reason, and bring an extra set of eyeglasses and/or a written prescription for the glasses. Along with the usual sun tan lotion and sun hat, I also pack sanitary supplies that may be needed and are sometimes not available in foreign countries or on board a ship.

If a wheelchair would help at the airport, it’s best to order one in advance. Once on the ship, orient your mother to all the areas she may need, such as the bathroom and dining area. Be aware of the distances that have to be walked each day and make allowances for rest periods and bathroom breaks. And to minimize the risk of theft, your mother needs to keep her pocketbook close to her body.

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