Alzheimer's Drugs

My mom has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and is also taking lipitor for her cholesterol.  My dad mentioned to me that he had seen something on tv about people who stop taking the lipitor or statins regaining more memory.  I've googled to try and find out more, but there is a lot of info on taking and not taking the drug and if either improves memory in Alzheimer’s patients!

Sheila in Washington, 48

All medications have a great deal of research behind them. Your doctor would be the first person to ask since he/she would know your mom better than anyone. And if there are several doctors, speak with each one to put yourself at ease.  Your local pharmacy is also informed about the pros and cons and side effects of medications. Plus, there is the added benefit of finding out if any of the medications that are being taken are contraindicated. The more informed you are the better you will be able to help your mother make good decisions.

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