Getting Grandma To Give Up The Keys

What's the best way to approach the subject of an individual's "ability" to drive any longer?  My 88 year old grandmother requires a driving test this year to renew her license and we all know she won't pass.  She is considering not taking the test as her health has been failing of late. How can we prepare her for this loss of independence? How can we make it less painful in terms of her emotions and her daily life?

Steph in Georgia, 37

The ability to drive is often tied to one’s independence. Help your mother maintain her independence by helping her get transportation information, such as for a local car service, the public transportation system, and/or the community bus service that is available to seniors that qualify. Many senior centers have their own transportation services, and your grandmother may also have friends who are still driving and willing to pick her up. The time to talk about this is now.  Help her work through any issues, and let her know that you are there to help her through the adjustment period.

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