More Aggressive Checks For Alzheimers

If most people are not diagnosed with Alzheimer's until after age 65, and if most people diagnosed are already progressed to the moderately severe stage of the disease, by which time there are no effective treatments . . .doesn't it make sense that we should be more aggressive in checking younger people for the disease? Maybe we could catch it in its earlier stages, and possibly treat it or prevent it from progressing past the point of no return. Frankly, I think that doctors' natural dismissiveness of so-called "normal forgetfulness" after age 40 is negligent, and may be missing diagnoses of Alzheimer's at a stage when it could still be slowed. What do you think?

Charles in Illinois, 46

Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia are receiving a lot of attention and research lately - and deservedly so. Much is being discovered, yet at this stage we don’t have definitive answers. You’re right, any form of forgetfulness at any age needs to be paid attention to. With some simple tests a doctor can understand if the individual needs further testing, or if he or she might benefit from medication. Each person is different, each case is individual.  If you have any concerns regarding forgetfulness, have your doctor check you out.

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