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My father is only 55 years old, but I have noticed in the past year or so that his memory is almost non-existent in many cases.  He forgot that my oldest son was named after him.  He has been very, very depressed since his mother, my grandma, passed away in 2000.  He's in therapy and on medication now, but he just doesn't seem able to heal from that event.  Dad is always trying to be strong for me, and doesn't like the idea of needing my help in any you have any suggestions?

David in New Mexico, 29

A 55 year-old today is considered young.  Your father has much to look forward to.  But when someone we love passes away, it usually is a great loss and can lead to deep sadness or depression.  Your father needs to be attended to with care, concern, proper medical attention and maybe even therapy. You need to let your father’s primary doctor know that there are signs of memory loss so that it can be attended to.

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