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I worry about how to safeguard my grandparents’ important papers who live far away. How do I handle this realistically?
Beau-Erin in Texas

Hi Beau-Erin,

You have to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Emergencies like fires, floods, and earthquakes are filled with moments of chaos and confusion, especially for individuals like your grandparents. To mitigate the chaos, I suggest that they purchase a fire-proof/water-proof box that contains all of the crucial family information such as wills, property deeds, financial accounts, marriage certificate, health care proxy, power of attorney, other legal papers, and passports.

Your grandparents need to know exactly where the box is located in the home before an emergency occurs. An emergency is not the time to go through files in the garage or boxes in the attic. This safe-box also must be in a secure spot and be light enough so your grandparents can carry it.

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