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New iPhone apps are emerging frequently as invaluable caregiver tools. Caregiver Apps is the only iPhone and iPad app dedicated to identifying the very best among this fast-growing breed -- apps that help to manage a caregiver’s day-to-day activities: track medications, illnesses, appointments or get expert advice. Caregiver Apps replaces the need to be at home at your computer doing health-related research.

Caregiver Apps provides a forum for peer-recommended reviews for those who want to post comments about their experience with a particular caregiver app. This community resource helps everyone learn how to apply these apps to their own caregiver situations.

By periodically checking Caregiver Apps on your iPhone you will be able to easily track the latest and best caregiver apps. 

Caregiver Apps provides recommendations for apps in a single category of health-related apps.. If you want to search on other health-related categories be sure to download Healthful Apps from Apps for All, which includes the following additional categories:

• Mood Lifters
• Relaxing Apps
• Memory & Focus
• Health Tracker Apps
• Autism Apps
• Dialysis Apps
• Alzheimer’s Apps

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