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At CES last week, it was great to see that caregivers weren't forgotten in the midst of all the flash-bang of techno gadgetry. The concerns and issues of the growing millions of family caregivers who help care for an older relative were acknowledged and discussed at both the Silvers Summit and the Digital Health Summit in Las Vegas.

I had a chance to chat with Marion Somers, Ph.D., better known as Dr. Marion a geriatric care manager who's taken her 35+ years of experience and turned it into accessible iPhone apps. Elder 411 consists of over 500 pieces of advise organized by topic such as mobility, legal, hiring help, and letting go to either prevent issues or solve as they occur, as well as care for the caregiver. The Elder 911 app dispenses info related to elder crisis management such as transfer trauma, dealing with doctors, hospital discharge & the after-care of emergencies.

The apps cost just a couple of bucks. If you don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download Apple's iTunes for free, then purchase & view apps from any computer.

Dr. Marion's e-advice sounds like a timely resource for the very busy caregiver! ~Helen Rickman

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