Parenting And Elder Care Can Be A Tough Balancing Act


Raising kids and a family can be a handful for parents. It can be especially overwhelming when also caring for an elderly loved one as many families discover that providing care for aging relatives can be challenging. In this week’s weekly parenting segment, Host Michel Martin speaks with author and veteran geriatric specialist Marion Somers about balancing family life with elder care. Also joining the conversation is Jolene Ivey, a regular parenting contributor and mother of five who also cares for her elderly father.

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Raising a family is one of the toughest jobs that a certain person can have in his lifetime. Having to take care of an elderly adds some work to it. Elderly people need utmost attention and care that a family member should be giving to them. Understanding them and caring for their needs is a job that one must have with patience. It is an age that others must accept and thought of. For what they are going through is the same as a child that needs some protection and caring from its parents.

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