What to Buy For Father's Day

Father's Day (June 16, 2013)


What to give for Father's Day is often a quandary especially for the older generation in your family. Often seniors are at the stage where they want to give stuff away or down size. They like consumables like a bottle of something they have especially used through the years , or to be called or written to, or taken out to dinner. They just want to be acknowledged and honored. The special people in your life appreciate your love and affection or to be taken for a visit to a "special location". Most are at the point of collecting memories and photographs, not things that need to stored, that will take up space or need to be cared for. Sometimes an offer of your helping out with a specific chore or in some way you may be lightened their load of responsibilities. Any effort that says you care goes a long way. It need not be a financial drain on your part or time consuming. Be imaginative. Or you can spend a day playing cards, talking over a board game or some other activity of their choice. Of course all of this goes to the ladies in the family as well. Downsizing can be boring when done alone, but with an extra set of hands makes the time go quickly and it is always productive. Use your imagination and you will find the right gift of your time, energy and your unique sense of sharing. Happy Father's Day to one and all, Dr. Marion


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