Elder Neglect and Loneliness

Loneliness among the elderly is a society-wide problem that touches us all, but mostly it is detrimental to our senior population affecting their very being. Loneliness has been associated with neglect. Studies have found that Almost half of women over 75 live alone. Seniors often lack a network they can depend on be they are family, friends or associates. Seniors often are dealing with fear of falling, pain, or have memoir issues. They often have limited driving ability or cannot drive at night if they are able to drive at all. Often they are alone for long periods of time, days or even weeks without physical contact. Loneliness has negative effects on the brain, the heart and those experiencing loneliness often do not have the will to continue living. If you have a senior in your life, reach out to them. The call and conversation you make may save a life. Or at the very least you will better understand their needs and you may be able to help them address those needs. Sincerely, Dr. Marion 


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